Photo by Roni Cnaani

Yaara Shehori is a writer and a literary editor. She is the author of three novels (The Years of Milk, Aquarium, and Roaring Twenties, all at Keter Publishing house) and one book of poetry (Thumb, Tooth, Wing, at Am Oved). Her short stories and poetry have been published in various periodicals in Israel, in addition to her critical essays on literature and art. Her PhD at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, examined the maternal aspect in the work of Hayim Nahman Bialik. She is the winner of Israel’s Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Literary Works, 2015, and the Ministry of Culture Award, 2011. Her novel Aquarium won her the Bernstein Prize, and will be Published in English in 2021, at Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Shehori was awarded a Fulbright scholarship (Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program) in 2017, to participate in the International Writing Program (IWP), in Iowa. Her book, Roaring Twenties (2019), was shortlisted for the esteemed Sapir Prize for Literature. She is a literary editor at Keter publishing house since 2013. She resides in Tel Aviv with her partner and daughter.